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Our Team

Our team consisted of chemists responsible for conducting analytical and microbiological analyses, as well as developing the cracker recipes. We also had students specializing in engineering packaging design who were responsible for creating the logo, graphic designs for the packaging, and overseeing the printing process. Additionally, our team included master's students in Food Chemistry with knowledge in marketing, as well as post-doctoral researchers who served as our supervisors. Together, we formed the Peelaste team. As participants in the Ecotrophelia competition, we applied our diverse skill sets in research and development, product formulation, business planning, sustainability, and marketing strategies. Through extensive research, we gained a deep understanding of market trends and consumer preferences, enabling us to apply our food science expertise in creating innovative and sustainable products. We also developed a comprehensive business plan that included financial projections and effective strategies.

Collaboration, teamwork, and knowledge sharing were integral to our approach. With a shared vision and common goals, we leveraged our individual strengths, shared insights, solved problems, and adapted to changes along the way. We trusted and believed in each other, as our diverse ideas and experiences fostered creativity and led to better decision-making throughout the Peelaste project. Together, we propelled collective progress, offering support and motivation to one another throughout the journey.

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